Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 weeks...feels like it was just yesterday

Yes, today Kingston is 5 weeks old and I can not believe it.  He has grown sooo much right before our eyes and I do my best to relish in every little noise, movement, and look. Kingston is almost 23 in. and 9lbs. 8oz. What I love most is when he looks at me, coos, and smiles.  He already knows how to melt my heart and it reminds me just how blessed Josh and I are. Kingston loves to be on his tummy and in his swing!  That is great for me because finding time to get things done is half impossible. Although I HATE to put him down and I really could just hold him all day long! He has changed my life and I feel I am finally doing what God designed me to do....Be a mommy, and I love it! Here are some pictures from the past 5 weeks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kingston is here!

It has been a week now since Josh and I brought home our beautiful baby boy Kingston. We headed to the hospital on Sun. Nov. 9 to be induced. After a long day of contractions and no progression the Doc. decided to stop the pitocin Mon. (Nov. 10) night.  That gave me a chance to eat and get some rest and start pitocin again the next morning. (Tue. Nov. 11) The contractions were coming hard  and strong but still I was not progressing. The Doc. decided I should have a c section and it was set to happen at 11:30am. At 11:05am my water broke so the c section was called off and I cont. to labor until 5:00pm. By that time I had only dilated to 2 cm and Doc. said my water broke to long ago so I would need to have a c section. Kingston Josiah Moss was born at 5:49pm 7lbs. 7oz. 20in.!!!!  It was a rough go but all went well. 

That night as we had Kingston in our room with us he began to vomit green bile.  The nurse told us that green was the only color they don't like to see, so Kingston was taken to get checked out. About a half hour later a nurse came in to let us know he was getting xrays done and that he would go to the NICU for the rest of the week. Josh and I were broken. We felt helpless and unsure of what was to come. We had only got to have our son for 7 hours. The week progressed and Kingston had multiple tests done which all came back clear! His stomach was also pumped to get all the bile out.  They continued antibiotics and monitored him until Sat. Nov. 15 when I was released and the Doc. released Kingston as well. Kingston had lost a lot of weight and so we had to make sure he was eating enough to get his weight back up, which it has!!!  

All this to say that Kingston is doing great and gaining more weight everyday and I am healing well from the c section! We are home now and Josh is taking such good care of me and Kingston. He is so in love with his son and it is so amazing to watch.  Josh and I just want to thank EVERYONE who has been praying for us and thinking about us through the trying week we had. Josh and I felt God so close and cannot say enough about the power of prayer. It is real and we serve a real God who comforts and heals in amazing ways. We give God ALL the glory and praise him for the amazing gift that he gave us in raising one of His children! Thank you Lord, may I cont. to have faith in you and feel your presence as I did this last week. God is good. Thank you everyone again!  Josh, Brianna, and Kingston Moss!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The room is ready for Kingston to arrive and the packing of the bag is in progress!!!

I am finally a blogger

Well, as I approach my due date (Nov. 9) I have many people asking questions about how I am feeling, if I am packed and ready to say "Its time!",  is the room ready, and what do you think Kingston will look like? These questions can be overwhelming at times but they are all valid questions. They are questions that I myself have asked my pregnant friends and so I finally decided to start a blog...Ok I am also starting one because many of my friends keep telling me I HAVE to start one before Kingston arrives!  I am not the best at this sort of thing but, here goes and I hope everyone enjoys!!!  

I am feeling like I am 8 months pregnant.  Which I believe is how I am suppose to be feeling so thats good!  I struggle to sleep at night, but know that it is for the good because soon I will be up every 2 hours for feedings and diaper changes. The heartburn can be awful if I don't have Tums. My back is still not use to the weight in front so it hurts from time to time and I get braxton hicks every so often, which I am also glad for because I know they are preparing my body for  labor. So all in all I am feeling ok and I am still enjoying the strong kicks (even though most are in my ribs) and love knowing God is creating something beautiful in me! I am thankful everyday to my Heavenly Father for blessing Josh and I with the most amazing gift we could receive and I can't wait to meet this baby that I am already so in love with! Oh, and he will look exactly how God wants him to look...beautiful and wonderfully made!