Monday, October 6, 2008

The room is ready for Kingston to arrive and the packing of the bag is in progress!!!

I am finally a blogger

Well, as I approach my due date (Nov. 9) I have many people asking questions about how I am feeling, if I am packed and ready to say "Its time!",  is the room ready, and what do you think Kingston will look like? These questions can be overwhelming at times but they are all valid questions. They are questions that I myself have asked my pregnant friends and so I finally decided to start a blog...Ok I am also starting one because many of my friends keep telling me I HAVE to start one before Kingston arrives!  I am not the best at this sort of thing but, here goes and I hope everyone enjoys!!!  

I am feeling like I am 8 months pregnant.  Which I believe is how I am suppose to be feeling so thats good!  I struggle to sleep at night, but know that it is for the good because soon I will be up every 2 hours for feedings and diaper changes. The heartburn can be awful if I don't have Tums. My back is still not use to the weight in front so it hurts from time to time and I get braxton hicks every so often, which I am also glad for because I know they are preparing my body for  labor. So all in all I am feeling ok and I am still enjoying the strong kicks (even though most are in my ribs) and love knowing God is creating something beautiful in me! I am thankful everyday to my Heavenly Father for blessing Josh and I with the most amazing gift we could receive and I can't wait to meet this baby that I am already so in love with! Oh, and he will look exactly how God wants him to look...beautiful and wonderfully made!